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Theatre of Making 4

It has been a busy week in the name of sound and online events. On the train from Oslo to Trondheim I participated in Latency now, an online live impro jam. Writing a telescopic text, playing with expanding narratives, sound and live visuals together with wonderful people. A mash of talented artist from around the world exploring and bending online spaces together.

The video below shows some outtakes from “Latency Now” Theatre of Making 4, telematic workshop with students from Kunstuniversität Linz and Kunstakademiet i Trondheim, NTNU, led by artist teachers Alexandra Murray Leslie, Diana Lindbjerg, Anat Ben-David, Krõõt Juurak, Wolf-Dieter Grabner, Thies Mynther, Panja Göbel, Mari Bastashevski and Tina Frank. Speakers: Roger Mills from Creativity & Cognition Studios, UTS Research Students, The University of Technology Sydney (introduced his research into telematic acoustic improvisation). Mari Bastaschvski performed a “Star Dust Manifesto” @williamkherbeck (A History of Telematic Art and Music where latency becomes an aesthetic and the telematic is embraced) @Oswaldbertold introduced a new platform being developed for artists to collaborate via spread spectrum transmissions. We were honored to perform Cat Hopes grafic score under such conditions of high latency, it really produced an interesting layer of sonic misunderstanding, beyond what was originally intended. The score was originally made by Cat for Melissa E. Logan and my performance in Chicks on Speed “I’ll be your body Instrument” Live Works, Carriageworks Sydney, supported by Jeff Khan.

Dont mind the natural chaos of the internet.


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