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How to Read Water - performances

In ‘How to read water’ dance artist Anna Thu Schmidt, musician Thea Ellingsen Grant, and visual artist/VJ Mina Paasche create a multidisciplinary performance experience and invite you into a timeless and meditative space inside the black box of Fossekleiva Kultursenter. ‘How to read water’ takes inspiration from the relationship between the human body and the ocean. How the sea resonates in us is explored through music, dance and video and the connection one feels to the ocean is translated to a connection between performer and audience. Through the lens of an interdisciplinary dance installation we offer a space to relax and to reflect on humans’ relation to the ocean and environmental awareness.

Duration: 50 min

Dance: Anna Thu Schmidt

Vocals: Thea Ellingsen Grant

Visuals: Mina Paasche

Assistance: Aksel Langum Øien

Anna Thu Schmidt (born 1989 in Germany) is a dance artist with a focus on dance improvisation, interdisciplinary projects, site-specific work and integrated dance.

Thea Ellingsen Grant is a vocalist, composer, song writer and producer based in Oslo.

Link to facebook event:

Other activities:

‘How to read water #6 at Fossekleiva kultursenter and Berger museum

Thursday 31.8 kl 18 Movement Workshop

Friday 1.9 + Saturday 2.9 kl 16-18 1:1 Ocean Walk + Interactive Installation

Friday 1.9 + Saturday 2.9 kl 20 How to read water - Performance with music, dance and video installation by Thea Ellingsen Grant and Mina Paasche.

Photo:  Juliane Schütz


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