The hum - Audiovisual performance

The hum. Audiovisual performance by Anders Elsås og Mina Paasche. Feel free to support the artist on vipps: 41698458 or mobilepay 31164118. Live streamed on facebook 3.05.2020.

Theatre of Making 4

It has been a busy week in the name of sound and online events. On the train from Oslo to Trondheim I participated in Latency now, an online live impro jam. Writing a telescopic text, playing with expanding narratives, sound and live visuals together with wonderful people. A mash of talented artist from around the world exploring and bending online spaces together. The video below shows some outtakes from “Latency Now” Theatre of Making 4, telematic workshop with students from Kunstuniversität Linz and Kunstakademiet i Trondheim, NTNU, led by artist teachers Alexandra Murray Leslie, Diana Lindbjerg, Anat Ben-David, Krõõt Juurak, Wolf-Dieter Grabner, Thies Mynther, Panja Göbel, Mari Bastashev

Experimenting with online art performances

I have attended Alex Murray Leslies Telematic improv workshop at The Art Academy in Trondheim, a crazy cross border internet experiment that you can watch online on zoom tonight 17:00. How can we make art together while we are not physically together. Pass by our zoom room and take part in this audiovisual event mixing, sound, visuals, performance and drawing.

The Hum - audiovisual performance by Anders Elsås & Mina Paasche

Sound, art and live visuals live from Gallery Knust at strandveikaia 100. Livestream on Facebook tonight open from 20:45. Performance starts at 21:00. We welcome you to this online experiment. Audiovisual audio-reactive performance with live visuals based on the visual material from a geo-radar, which is projected on Anders Elsås installation The Ship, while he and Mina Paasche create a new audiovisual improvisation work where all the elements mutually influence each other. A loop that commutes between the abyssal ship, other ships buried underground, the sounds we cannot hear and the hum of the earth. Join us online for an experimental live performance where we bring our artistic research i

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