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Viral Viral

I went to Gotenburg in the start of February and helped talented Qianhui Qian with filming this Contemporary art piece.

Original post by Qianhui:

"Time to online releasing this short video I made in Gothenburg due to the coronavirus crisis we are facing now. It was released in early February 2020 in an exhibition. It is contemporary, in this very moment, Coronavirus is happening, eating, hurting humankind. It is unpredictable. It is fast; I made the film on 12th February, the virus outbreak in Italy did not happen yet, the Scandinavia was not yet infected; People in the video were talking about Europe might be safe. It is very time-based, it is the history that is happening.

This is everything about Coronavirus taking over the dominating power from human, and forced us to change lifestyles, to be aware of the air, the environment. How we should respect the capability of nature, how we protect our kind and coexist with a global health crisis. As a human, I have to discuss it in my artistic practice. Because of the rise of racism also is creating another level of cultural abuse, the virus became an excuse for racists and damaging the process of civilization.

Enjoy this online art piece and please wash your hands before clicking the play button."


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