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Reconnecting - online exhibition


Launching April 30

The waves from the omnipresent grid of wires and antennas are getting weaker day by day. A waiting signal appears on your screen. Time detained in isolation. Silence, for a moment, until the connection is restored and the cyber reality of covid-19 is back. Without somatic bodies. Without skin. Deprived of a collective physical space, exclusively relying on dubious social media outlets and a thorough digitization of our consumption, work and emotional life.

‘RECONNECTING…’ presents works by eleven artists that evolve around the act of reestablishing bonds of communication and emotion on sonic terms. An auditive passage dug to get to you. The works ‘on sound’ take the current mutation of social behavior and the policies of ‘no touching’ as a departure for (re)growing other sensuous alliances. It is an exercise into alternative ways of thinking artistic practices and an expansion of sonic sensitivities towards other bodies - of human and more than human worlds. Physical desires materialized in frequencies along the routes of our drinking waters, upriver on a sound travel in search of watery ties. Dreams of an ocean bridging two continents as the journey gets rhythmical in pounding blood and floats deep into earthy layers, assisted by a georadar instrument. A soft tongue of an echoed language lifts us down to the realms of the underground. Hands listening, ears feeling the vibration of clay, fabrics, and wooden narratives. An exchange between voices and materialities that usually do not meet on shared acoustic paths. Ploughing through the dirt that holds the past with architectures of tomorrow. Pillowy. Almost idly. Here and there, an outside layer of plastic is added to protect these fragile becomings from the outside world. An obelisk inscribed with the rules of the future is consumed by a black hole. It leaves the ground humming.

We invite you to follow the white wheel and its circular pacing into another temporality. Caught in immobilization, can a new hope be mobilized? Throw chips of pottery and plastic over your shoulder. A momentum is here. Naive and fertile in springtime.

Lean back, close your eyes, and put on your headphones to get the most out of the listening experience.

Official opening at 19:00 – web address to be announced in the Facebook event (don't forget to click "attending" so you get notified).

Pre-opening with performance by Mikalsen & Marhaug at 18:00 followed by listening session of all the sound works. ZOOM address for this happening to be announced here at 17:45.

Bring your own drinks and come celebrate with us!

Exhibiting artists: Siril Dahle Mikalsen & Marhaug Joachim Børresen Sture Laura Ann Morrison Mina Paasche Anna Ida Pezzot Tuva Holm Nymo Astrid Ljungberg Mette Walsø Brehm Einar Grind You can see the full exhibition on:

Facebook event below:


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