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Painting is Not Dead, It Just Smells Funny

"Dear all, during the upcoming two days you will be able to use make up and mechanical toys for making paintings at Gallery KiT. Please join our activities!

In a chaotically installed but partly also didactic exhibition key words such as warm & cold, illusion & flatness, form weaving, paraphrase, gestures, timelines, storytelling, machines for doing art, journalism, fashion and the politics of tools will be reflecting the class in painting we have been sharing this fall semester 2018".

Participants: Oscar Debs, Ida Westberg, Lilli Zaneta, Christopher Logan, Sigrid Bjelland, Niklas Delin, Jonas Greni, Simen H. Tyse, Victoria Zahl, Polina Chernitskaya, Tobias Lehrskov-Schmidt, Vilde B. D. Rudfjord, Ragna Vorkinnslien, Jørgen J. Wassvik, Fredrik S. Larsen, Astrid Ljungberg, August Northug, Tuva H. Nymo, Laura-Ann Morrison, Mina Paasche, Anna Ida Pezzot, Joachim B. Sture, Verona Størseth, Tuan-Ting Huang and FelixGmelin​.


Galleri KIT,

Innherredsveien 7


10.12 - 12.12

"Yellow lemons painted with green buttons", oil on canvas, Mina Paasche, 2018.

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