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Urban Cubism

Part one

The mural is 2 x 12 meters and are made on "Byens Hegn", in Axel Møllers Have, Frederiksberg, Denmark, 2014.

Part two

Under water, also known as Urban cubism part two is a 4 x 12 meters tall mural. Made for the two day event "smukificering" of Sønderboulevard. You can see it on your walk between bodega 52 and cafe 37 in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

Part three

Naked Lunch, took part as a piece made for the final Smukificering at Vesterbro evver, in May 16. The mural is located across of Cafe Slaberasen and is blending in with the hipster environment. People can enjoy a soya latte chilling with my art. 

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