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My work is part of Trondheim's first feminist exhibition of this scale curated by Michelle Rasmussen Bella da Silva opening on International Women's Day 7th March with an inaugural speech by Libe García Zarranz including works by national and international artists, including #GuerillaGirls seminal feminist work "The Advantages of being a Woman Artist" from 1998, "Guerilla Girls Guide to Behaving Badly" 2016 and the for ever wonderful chicks on speed.

7 to 10 March. 2019 International Women´s Day 8th March 2019 Inaugural speech by Libe García Zarranz Artists: GUERRILLA GIRLS • CHICKS ON SPEED • FEMEN • SKITZOSATAN • SIKSA • EILIV & REBECKA • LETIZIA BALZI • HEDDA KRISTINE BREMSETH • JOHANNA BRUNNER • AMANDA FAYANT • LINN HALVORSRØD • HEIDI-ANETT HAUGEN • ADA MATHEA HOEL • KASPER HOLM • MATÉ LABUS • ELIN MACK • MINA PAASCHE • JANE PEDERSEN & MIKA HAYKOWSKY • MICHELLE RASMUSSEN • METTE VELLING • RAGNA VORKINNSLIEN • SIGRID VOLL BØYUM • LIBE GARCÏA ZARRANZ Supported by: • Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) • TransLit: Sustainable Trans/national Literacies: Ethics, Affect, Pedagogy.

Aqua, video by Mina Paasche 20019, soundscape by Ivy Rosenauer, co videographer Chris Calmer.

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