November 7, 2019

September 16, 2019

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January 19, 2018

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January 19, 2019




The throw is yours but as you know the stone has its own ways and orders.
We should all agree that a bit of uncertainty is beneficial
So make your first jump, pause and throw again. Now laughter. Is there a clear direction ahead? Well time always plays its own game - and it will release the pouring of rain and set the lines floating. A ship was lost on the ways of its own. Taken by waves and washed away.

We warmly welcome you onboard this ship of ships.
Rasping sound of chalk on pavement. A structure was there.
Below the faded lines? Dissolved and redrawn.
Come jump or stand by to see squares and lines meet up in color pools.


The bachelor students of Trondheim art academy invite you to their first year exhibition at Galleri KiT, Innherredsveien 7, 7014 Trondheim - Friday 25/1 19.00

Opening hours:
Mon-fri: 14 - 18
Sat-sun: 12 - 16

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